Robots will leave people without work

The head of the companies Tesla Motors and SpaceX Elon Musk believes that the widespread introduction of robots may lead humanity to the brink of disaster. However, the solution to this is – the monthly payments for “doing nothing”.

In an interview with CNBC engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk has told us not only about the causes of the September explosion of the rocket Falcon 9 and the upcoming resumption of flights, but also shared his vision of the future in which humanity is destined to a tragic fate. In his view, launched a process of active “automation” simply leave us out of work.

“People have to accept the fact that their jobs will be occupied by robots. We all have to learn to coexist in symbiosis with advanced artificial intelligence,” – said Musk.

This threat warns not only the workers of large plants, Musk is confident that a neural network in the near future will be able to perform better than humans, even the work of a creative nature.

According to the businessman, to help humanity to adapt to new conditions and to protect against stagnation will the widespread introduction of the unconditional basic income – a regular payment of a certain sum of money to each member of the society without completing the work. This remedy will contribute to the elimination of poverty and the attainment of new cultural and economic identity.

This vision of the future Mask is much more peaceful than the views of Stephen Hawking. Recall that recently, the famous British theoretical physicist said that “AI can be the worst thing that ever happened to people”.

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