Robots will soon be able to marry and vote

David Hanson, the creator of the famous robot Sofia, is confident that by this time robots will surpass the person in everything and will demand equal rights with people.

According to Hanson, already in 2038 robots can create an organization to assert their rights. In spite of the fact that by now the androids will surpass people in almost everything, the human race will continue to treat them as second-class beings. In addition, artificial creatures will learn to experience real emotions, and become, as the scientist put it, “more loving.”

“Governments and corporations will do everything they can to suppress the emotional maturity of machines, for the sake of human security,” Hanson says. “But the development of artificial intelligence does not stand still: there will come a time when the robots will regain consciousness and fight for the right to exist and freedom.”

Hanson himself put a lot of effort into making this happen.

In 2016, the scientist created sensational robot Sophia. She knows how to understand people and communicate with them, believably imitating facial expressions and human movements. And this year, “otshila” the famous actor Will Smith, who came to see her on a date.

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