Roman legionary helmet found in the Krasnodar Territory: a unique discovery for the area

The press service of the Krasnodar Territory Administration reported the discovery of a bronze helmet, which presumably belonged to a Roman legionary. The artifact was found in the burial of a rider, and despite the lack of an additional metal bracket, typical for such helmets, experts considered it unique.

Up to now, there has only been one find of a Roman legionary helmet on the territory of the Northern Black Sea coast – in the Sochi area. Found helmet is well preserved and after the chamber processing will take a worthy place in the museum exposition. This was stated by the Vice-Governor of the region Roman Luzinov.

According to scientists, the shape of the helmet is close to the type “Hagenau”. The researchers connect the finding with the events of the Roman war Bosporan 49-45 years BC, which took place between Mithridates Bosporus and his brother Cotis. This period in the history of the Bosporus, which is reflected in the works of ancient authors, is still little-studied.

It is interesting to note that Roman legionaries carried not only protection, but also symbolized the power of the Roman Empire. Helmets were one of the main elements of their equipment. In this context the discovery of a bronze helmet in Krasnodar Krai is an important historical evidence.

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