Royal astronomer told about aliens

The British royal astronomer, Sir Martin Rees, in an interview with The Conversation, described the image of aliens that humanity is likely to encounter sometime.

According to the scientist, aliens are a reasonable form of organic life and lag behind in development from the person, or represent robots with highly developed artificial intelligence.

“I think that if we discover an alien mind, it will not be like us. It will be some sort of electronic essence, “the astronomer said.

In the opinion of Rees, humanity is currently in the stage of transition between these two forms of reason and, most likely, will be replaced by robots. “In other words, the period of time occupied by organic intelligence is just a thin line between early life and a long era of machines,” Rhys said, adding that such an era could last billions of years.

Answering a question about his religious beliefs, the royal astronomer declared that he considered himself a “cultural Christian.”

“Personally, I have no religious convictions. But I describe myself as a cultural Christian in the sense that I was brought up in England and the English church was an important part of education. If I were born in Iran, I would probably go to the mosque, “the scientist said.

The British physicist and astronomer Rhys is the president of the Royal Society of London. The scientist is known for studies of relic radiation and quasars. In the summer of 2016, he said that the modern scientific picture of the world can be on the verge of revolution. Rhys related this to his belief that the theory of multiple large explosions is correct.

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