Rules and methods of development of memory

The first rule of memory development: to Ensure the regular and sufficient oxygen saturation of your blood. The blood should carry enough oxygen to ensure high activity and efficiency of the brain, and therefore a good memory. How to do it? At least one day per week should be conducted on the air. Mental work must be interrupted for a little “oxygen” breaks open the window for 1-2 minutes. It is impossible to mentally or working in unventilated smoke-filled room. And of course, move more and exercise, physical activity improves General circulation and brain including.

The second rule of memory development: Not to smoke! Of course, the smoker, trains memory, has a great ability in this regard than Smoking, not exercising it. However, if you take people at all equal, we must admit that tobacco impairs memory. This was confirmed by numerous scientific studies. So the desire to develop memory — a good reason to quit Smoking.

The third rule of the development of memory: Enough to sleep. This ensures the normal functioning of the brain. During sleep, there are processes involving the most important neurotransmitter (a substance through which occurs the transmission of nerve impulses between neurons). Without proper sleep memory at a chemical level, unable to work at full capacity. In addition, the human brain is configured to the biological rhythms of day and night, so need to sleep at night in the dark there is a complete recovery of brain cells. An adult should sleep 7-8 hours per day, teen – 9.

The fourth rule of the development of memory: Avoid alcohol! If you want to keep all the flexibility of your mind, you need to avoid alcohol. It is a fact that intake of alcohol leads to memory loss. The more alcohol consumed, the less fixation. Everyone knows that it is very difficult to restore in the head events, held in a state of intoxication. A simple dinner, “spiced” wine, for a few hours reduces the ability to memorize. Should avoid taking any alcohol, even wine and beer if you need to learn something, to attend classes or to participate in the conference.

The fifth rule memory to Eat properly. Numerous experiments allowed to determine that the chemical activity is accompanied by loss of phosphoric acid and calcium salts. You should compensate for these losses: cheese (special fermenting mass, Swiss, Dutch and Chester), eggs, grain sprouts, almonds, nuts are the body with the right balance of phosphorus and calcium.

During intense mental effort necessary to eat food rich in protein (meat, eggs, liver, fish), highly absorbable (grilled meat, boiled vegetables or steamed water), avoiding fat, flour, sweet. Should eat little at a time, filled the stomach weakens mental powers.

A healthy lifestyle including nutrition for the memory avoiding harmful habits, healthy sleep and physical activity is the most natural rules of preserving the memory for years to come.

Ways of development of memory

1. Wanting something to remember, focus on the memorization process. 2. Look, think, draw Parallels with their own lives or to have received knowledge. The more of your own thoughts and feelings “hook” for information flow, the more chances to remember what is truly important.
3. If something is forgotten: the figure of the report, the meaning of the word, the singer’s name, phone parents, before you immediately go into the correct folder, dictionary, Internet, or phone book, for a few moments try to remember the forgotten themselves.
4. If you need to remember something important, create in the mind in connection with this some way, perhaps funny or amusing. The brain is much easier to remember something unusual. You can even draw the resulting image.
5. When memorizing numbers is most convenient either to remember them by breaking into small groups or try to build in the minds of any Association. For example, take the number 2467. 2 4=6 six is seven — a way of remembering numbers proved to be the most effective.
6. Continue to actively explore other methods of development of memory and of mental engineering to help you. You never know what will catch on and it will be your enemy for life.
7. A good way better and faster to memorize anything is to try to explain to someone else what you need to remember or to understand yourself. The brain will better remember information if you want to speak.
8. Free time (for example, if you’re standing in line) will be devoted to the solution in the mind of the simplest arithmetic problems.
9. Develop memory will help you daily scroll in mind all the events of the past day. Remember them to the smallest details and details. Additionally, you should evaluate their own actions, perfect for that day by asking yourself the following questions:”What have I done today? What is not done properly? What actions should be condemned and require sway? How to be happy?
10. Read the book — it’s useful! When reading, the brain concentrates involuntarily remembers the details.
11. Learn poetry. The school plagued not just out of spite. The method is reliable and time-tested. But to learn better what you like. For example, the text of your favorite song. It is best to remember material that we have already partially known. New materials must go through a process of awareness.
12. Remember – to memorize, without understanding, without seeing the images before my eyes, not retelling the text in your own words, not profitable. More RAM cramming will not work. Similarly, it is unprofitable to teach “tomorrow” or “before the exam”, etc. If you put in the memorization arrow on “forever,” I win.
13. Repetition is the mother of learning. Better not say that. Just better not to repeat five times in a row immediately after reading, and within five days once. And better at night.
14. Suppose someone calls you their name. Try to associate that name with what is already familiar and just add something from myself: “Ksenia. How Ksenia Sobchak, the only brunette, is married and the “Dom-2” does not. A nose is like”. Believe me, this new friend Xenia will remember for a long time.
15. Do something with your hands. Women: braid bracelets, embroider a cross. Men: drive a nail, change the plumbing without the help of a professional – all of these actions stimulate the brain and memory.
16. Psychologists proved that learning foreign languages is the best tool for the prevention of senility and, thus, to improve memory.
17. With the development of associated memory and our emotional state. Happiness leads to improved memory and contributes to a more complete and deeper perception of information. For every new joy in life, your memory will thank you.
18. Don’t be lazy. Lazy in thought and action is a person good memory does not Shine.
19. Consider what are the prospects in front of us opens a good memory, what you’ll do with her. This will spur you on its development.
20. Neyrobika will help to maintain and develop your memory.
Read the relevant literature. Many individual and, most importantly, memorable tips for memory development can be learned from books.

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