Russia has created a robot border guards

The robotic system is designed to track targets using radar, can patrol the waters on a predetermined route. “The device is capable of communicating with submarines, ships and shore posts, and also can automatically send the collected information about all detected targets and objects in data centers”.

“He can operate autonomously for several days at a distance of one hundred kilometers from the coast.” Other characteristics of Maritime patrol robot is not disclosed.

This is not the first marine robot, created by the defence industry for reconnaissance and rescue operations. Earlier, the defence Ministry planned to start the procurement of automatic remote-controlled underwater vehicle “Marlin 350”, designed for the inspection of submarines in emergency, and perform different search and rescue events at the depth of 300 meters. Complex “Marlin 350” able to install sonar markers and is able to lift objects with the help of manipulators. The device is able to move quickly under water, able to instantly turn and move in any direction.

Communication with surface control module and data transmission are carried out using an opto cable, and various connectors allow you to connect to the apparatus a plurality of sensors and devices for various purposes. Therefore, depending on the task, “Marlin 350” can be unloaded, by removing the unnecessary the moment the kit with only the necessary equipment, among which there is a secondary camera of high resolution (Full HD), multi-beam sonar, altimeter sonar of the circular review, system of submarine navigation, a single-stage positioner, and much more. It is expected that deliveries will begin in late 2017.

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