Russia has developed a concept of the cryogenic plane

Specialists of the Central aero hydrodynamic institute of Zhukovsky submitted the concept of the cryogenic plane. The liner on cryogenic hydrogen fuel will be able to transport up to 230 passengers.

Pluses and minuses

Transition from kerosene to liquid hydrogen will increase environmental friendliness of flight. Besides, the hydrogen-air mixture has higher energy efficiency in comparison with kerosino-air.
However for cryogenic hydrogen planes nevertheless the fuel tanks of large volume are necessary. They can be placed in the fuselage – it will allow to keep plane aerodynamics, however will reduce quantity of passenger seats. Other options – to increase the fuselage or to install tanks on an external suspender of the liner. However these decisions will lead to increase in the maximum take-off mass of the plane and, generally speaking, will nullify advantages of use of hydrogen instead of kerosene.

Features of the plane

Experts of TsAGI offered the concept of the two-storeyed fuselage. The fuel tanks are supposed to be placed in the case of the widebody liner, in its top part.

On the first floor of the liner it is possible to place chairs for 200-230 passengers, on the second – the fuel tanks with liquid hydrogen. Besides, in TsAGI plan to equip the plane with T-shaped tail plumage – it won’t be shaded from “hump” on the fuselage by the running air stream.
Engineers suggested to reduce negative impact of the increased front resistance due to installation of turbofan engines in a liner tailpiece for capture of a slow interface of the air flowing on a fuselage surface. They have ultrahigh degree of a dvukhkonturnost, and fans of engines rotate to the opposite sides. As a result of operation of turbofan engines the air interface in a front part of the fuselage will quicker flow, turbulence zones are formed, and front resistance will decrease. Engines from a separate cell of hydrogen fuel in a liner tailpiece will be powered.

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