Russia has developed a miniature surveillance drone

The specialists of the engineering center of the Cluster of the Samara region has developed on the basis of small UAV of vertical take-off and landing “Wasp” prototype special intelligence means.

The launch of the new BLAH is done with hands or with the surface of the earth. The device can be operated in three flight modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Takeoff weight of the drone is not more than 600 grams, including payload weight of up to 150 grams.

The complex is designed for reconnaissance in a tactical radius of action in the open countryside, in an urban environment and inside buildings. Video from the onboard camera is transmitted to the control terminal of the operator in real time.

Part of complex unmanned helicopter of the type made by coaxial scheme. Maximum flight duration is 15 minutes. Range (channel video) – up to 1200 meters.

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