Russia has developed revolutionary technology of data recording

The technology which will allow to write a petabyte (10 in 15 levels of bytes) this on 1 square decimeter of a surface of an optical disk, was developed by specialists of the Kazan federal university together with colleagues from Harvard University (USA) and Imperial college of London (Great Britain).

Development essence

Optical drives, for example, of the DVD or BluRay-disks, have restrictions for packing density of information by means of light – a so-called diffraction limit. The matter is that the ray of light can’t be focused on surface points which sizes are twice less than light wavelength. For BluRay, in particular, it is about 400 nanometers. Because of it optical disks seriously concede a flash memory, to solid-state winchesters and other drives in capacity.

Scientists found a method to increase memory storage density. They used the special luminous antenna of the nanosize and organic colors on the basis of azobensole.

Experts found out that “tails” of molecules of azobensole can be overturned, at the same time irradiating them, and also retaining them in an electric field. Optical properties of a molecule after turning change, so, they can be used for storage of binary information.

Films from azobensole – a basis for an optical memory which isn’t restricted to a diffraction limit

Scientists used the nanoantenna absorbing laser light, strengthening it and focusing a ray on the necessary point. It was irradiated with pulses of light on different lengths of waves. Methods of a read and write of information on films from azobensole were as a result developed.

Experts work on creation of the experimental optical drive. Packing density on it will be 38 times higher, than at the advanced hard drives.

In the theory it is possible to achieve memory storage density at the level of 1 petabyte on 1 square decimeter. Thus, on one disk of the size of the DVD it will be possible to write a million times more data, than on the modern DVD-DISKS.

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