Russia has launched a new lightweight and versatile aircraft

Most modern aircraft, such as transport or passenger, have a relatively narrow range of applications. There are also multipurpose aircraft designed to perform multiple tasks. So, some of the tanker aircraft can be used as a transport. However, the number of these aircraft are small.

A preliminary draft of a new universal plane made on a twin-engine high-wing monoplane with single-finned tail and two ventral ridges. It is assumed that the device can carry up to 52 people, or up to six tons of cargo and land on unequipped unpaved airfields. The aircraft’s range will be 1-1,5 thousand kilometers.

According to TSAGI, purge the new aircraft models in a wind tunnel was conducted in December 2016. The model showed a high aerodynamic characteristics at various angles of attack and slip. The technical details of tests are not specified. According to the developer, the plane is created for the needs of civil aviation and will perform flights on domestic routes.

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