Russian mathematicians have learned to quickly trace the source of the tsunami

Mathematics from Novosibirsk state University (NSU) and the Institute of computational mathematics and mathematical Geophysics (ICM & mg) SB RAS have developed a method that allows you to quickly identify the source of the tsunami for forecasting of emergencies, said on Tuesday the press service of the NSU.

The Institute explained that the tsunami most likely to occur as a result of underwater earthquakes, information about which becomes known in a few minutes, as the speed of sound in the earth dozens of times the speed of sound in water. Currently, the vast majority of cases the forecasts of the propagation of the tsunami proved to be false, which entails enormous costs of evacuating the population, strategic sites and so on. In this regard, to clarify the amplitude of the tsunami source are used methods of mathematical modeling.

“We select such parameters of the source to model the tsunami wave less deviated from the real height of the passing waves in the ocean. Real data can be obtained from satellite images or flooded stations. The measurements processed by the noise filter, then creating an algorithm for numerical solution of the problem of determining the source,” — are reported words of an employee of the laboratory of NMU Olga, Kryvorotko.

For the tsunami warning system emphasizes a mathematician, you must quickly determine its source. In this direction Novosibirsk experts have developed and tested an analytical method for the determination of the amplitude of the front wave front, which the computing speed is superior to the previously used finite-difference methods dozens of times.

“The purpose of the system — support and maintenance research the events of the tsunami and the earthquakes generating them, as well as forecasting of emergency situations”, — noted in higher education institution.

The complex includes specialized databases sources tsunami, tools for processing and analysis of GEODATA, software package for calculation of wave propagation and determine the coordinates of the source. In addition, the system can predict the consequences and even to assess material damage and damage to strategically important objects.

Kryvorotko, notes that using such a system, specialized units and the authorities will be able to carry out monitoring and forecasting tsunamis, without going into details of the mathematical models. On the other hand, scientists can use the product as a convenient platform for conducting research.

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