Russian scientist injected himself with ancient bacteria that would “extend the life”

A year ago, head of the Department of Geocryology, Geological faculty, Moscow state University Anatoly Brushko gave ancient bacteria an age of 3.5 million years. He did this in order to, in his words, “extend the life”.

Despite the absurdity of the claim, the justification of the act of the scientist is still there, and recently he announced his present state of health.

Anatoly Brushko claims that the place where was discovered the ancient bacteria, located in Yakutia, in permafrost regions, was inhabited by ancient people who were able to live unusually long in comparison with its neighbours. Of course, immediately infect by unknown bacterium no one. First tests were carried out on rodents. After injection of strains of bacteria old rodents began to feel better and was even able to produce healthy offspring. Moreover, the introduction of the culture bacteria in crops stimulated the growth of grain and gave the plants resistance to environmental conditions.

As for being a scientist, he says that now he feels much better than before and no longer tired, and the performance increased.

“It’s nothing amazing and was not to take and to try. It seems to me, after that I was no longer tired, was able to work much longer, do not get cold. But it seems to me, not as interesting as the ability to explore the mechanism of this amazing duration. What if we somehow do find the way the cell doesn’t age? Then we could use these resources purposefully and to increase the life span by 20%, and as much as we want,” said Anatoly Brushko.

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