Russian scientists have created a drug for the treatment of gluten intolerance

Russian scientists have proposed to use the enzyme from wheat seed to help people suffering from celiac disease and other forms of gluten intolerance. This was announced by Director of the Institute of molecular medicine of the First MGMU them. I. M. Sechenov, doctor of biological Sciences Andrey Zamyatnin in the international working meeting on molecular medicine, held at the University.

Celiac disease is a pathology caused by digestive intolerance to gluten (gluten) is a group of proteins found in some cereals (wheat, barley, oats, rye). Coeliac disease affected about 1% of the population, much higher than previously thought, so lately to the problem of gluten intolerance focused attention of scientists.

Recently, the Institute of molecular medicine of the First MGMU them. I. M. Sechenov it was found that the enzyme of wheat (tretinoin-alpha) is able to effectively cleave gljuteinovye proteins into peptides that is readily absorbed by the human body.

It is shown that the enzyme resistant to the conditions of the digestive system and, according to preliminary preclinical studies, a highly effective and safe for use in the therapy of celiac disease. On the basis of triticina-alpha biotechnology-derived products (patent No. 2603054) created a therapeutic enzyme preparation for the treatment and prevention of celiac intolerance in the form of capsules for oral administration before meals. Currently a new tool is preclinical testing.

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