Russian scientists have created artificial human body cell

Employees of the Moscow research center of cellular technologies of the Institute of plastic surgery and cosmetology together with their colleagues from the research Institute of pediatric surgery and the scientists of the Institute of surgery named after Vishnevsky learned how to grow living cells for the treatment of burns and injuries. Domestic first in the world managed to make a breakthrough in this area and create an artificial cell of the human body in the laboratory.

Scientists around the world for many years trying to create artificial cells and cell structure, but until recently all such elements were created with the use of large amounts of organic matter, or the resulting structures were very viable.

Russian scientists have not yet disclosed the secret of his technology, but have conducted tests on the basis of clinical hospital № 9 of the city of Moscow. They used their technology to treat burns and certain other injuries. By the way, the artificial cells do not trigger responses of the immune system.
At the moment, the group of doctors is making every effort to introduce new cellular technologies in General medical practice, and also working on the creation of a legal framework that would regulate the activities of banks of artificial human cells, because such meets for the first time not only in Russian but also in world practice.

The introduction of new technology will improve the quality of medical care provided to the victims of the fires and explosions. Artificial cells will be possible to grow for the future to create an operational Bank for an emergency skin graft to the injured.

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