Russian scientists have discovered an unknown island near New Land

Hydrographs of the Northern fleet, summed up the implementation of Oceanographic works in 2016, one of which was the discovery and study of previously unknown Islands, formed after the glacier in the New Earth.

The results were announced at the gathering of the hydrographs, which was held at the hydrographic service of the Northern fleet on the basis of the newly established staff unit — Arctic Oceanographic expedition.

In 2016 the research was conducted in the area near the sea and the archipelagos of Franz Josef, Novaya Zemlya, the Novosibirsk Islands.

Hydrographic ship Horizon from the Islands of Novaya Zemlya detected by means of radar stations formed after the disappearance of the glaciers previously unknown island, visual inspection of which later performed a hydrographic ship the Viewfinder.

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