Saharan heatwave threatens Europe: record temperatures and fire danger

Europe is currently facing unusually high temperatures that are reaching record highs. The Huron anticyclone coming from the Sahara has brought with it heat that can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. This is causing serious health concerns and the possibility of fires.

According to the weather services, temperatures on the island of Sardinia are expected to rise to almost 50 degrees Celsius by the middle of the week. In this regard, the Italian Ministry of Health has announced an emergency warning of extreme heat in 23 of the country’s largest cities. Also high temperatures have already been recorded in Athens, Rome and Madrid.

The possibility of fires is also a major concern. Strong winds accompanying the heatwave may contribute to fires in European countries. So far, there have already been several fires in the vicinity of Athens, where the fire destroyed several houses. In addition, due to large-scale fires on the island of Palma in the Canary Islands, more than 4 thousand people were forced to leave their homes and evacuate.

This is not the first time Europe is facing extreme heat. In 2021, a temperature record of 48.8 degrees was set on the island of Sicily. According to experts at the World Meteorological Organization, such extreme weather conditions are becoming more common and “the new normal.”

Scientific sources confirm that climate change is causing extreme weather events to become more frequent in the Northern Hemisphere. Global warming and changing weather patterns are becoming more prominent and require action to mitigate their effects. Scientists warn of the need to adapt to new weather realities and develop strategies to counter extreme temperatures and fires.

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