Schumann Resonance: the vibration that determines our health and consciousness

In the 1950s, Dr. Schumann discovered the resonance effect in the earth-air-ionosphere system that earned his name. This effect, known as Schumann resonance or “transverse-magnetic wave,” has a frequency of 7.8 Hz – the same frequency as human and mammalian brain waves. However, in recent years, the frequency of Schumann resonance has increased significantly to 12 Hz, and since 2000 there has been an acceleration of magnetic Schumann resonance.

This acceleration has direct implications for human and animal health. With the development of technology, we have moved away from our natural habitat, and the change in the Earth’s pulsation has directly affected us.

Studies show that the rapid increase in the frequency of Schumann Resonance causes diseases such as cancer, depression, stress, sleep disorders and blood pressure problems.

In 2017, the frequency rose to 30 Hz and continued to rise to 36 Hz. On June 17, 2023, it reached the 190 Hz mark. The increase in vibration affects living beings by changing their own vibration and behavior. It can also cause fatigue, dizziness and depressed state in humans.

Human consciousness is also affected by the Earth’s magnetic field and disturbances in it. Over time, intuitive abilities and extraordinary abilities may increase in people.

Each atom and molecule has its own vibrations, measured in frequencies. Living beings are surrounded by frequencies and waves emitted by the environment. Vibration can be the source of consciousness and the constitutive frequency of the cosmos.

According to Hindu culture, the universe is vibration arising from the primordial sound “OM”. Schumann resonance and the rhythms of the human brain are interconnected. Disruption of circadian rhythms in people disconnected from the Earth’s frequency can lead to a variety of health problems. However, exposure to 7.8 Hz Schumann Resonance waves can successfully treat many of these problems.

Thus, Schumann resonance plays an important role in determining our health and consciousness. We are all one with the Universe and can tune into different energy sources at different frequencies.

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