Scientists are developing a GPS for the ocean

Navigation system for the surface of the Earth have been working quite well. However, for the military precise positioning of the object under the surface of the ocean or in space it is necessary not less. Specialists of the company BAE Systems undertook to find a solution, at least for water depths.

Recall that the GLONASS, GPS and others like are based on the operation of the satellites. Receiving a radio signal from the three spacecraft in orbit (a necessary minimum), the device can calculate its position on the Earth’s surface almost anywhere in the world. But under the surface of the ocean the signals are practically, therefore, there is no such accurate positioning system.

Meanwhile submarines, as with the crew, and without them, it is needed. Now they are for these purposes, have periodically come to the surface. However, this can lead to their discovery that the military are unacceptable. In addition, the signals can be purposely distorted the enemy side.

Agency defense advanced research projects USA (DARPA hired engineers British defence Corporation BAE Systems and research company, Draper, and also scientists of universities of Washington, Texas at Austin and MIT, for the us Navy deep-sea GPS.

The program, under which development funds will be allocated, called “Poseidon” (Positioning System for Deep Ocean Navigation, or POSYDON).

To teach submarines to navigate in the deep ocean, experts at BAE Systems are planning to place at certain fixed points related sources of acoustic signals that vessels will be able to take even at large distances.

In addition, engineers will develop a system of transmission and reception of such signals, system, suppressing noise and retaining any interference in the work of underwater GPS, software for decoding signals and the precise orientation beneath the ocean surface.

“BAE Systems for more than 40 years of experience in developing active and passive underwater acoustic systems — DARPA explains the choice of Joshua Niedzwiecki (Joshua Niedzwiecki, Director of one of divisions of BAE Systems. – We use the same technology to produce a revolution in underwater navigation for the program POSYDON. We will choose small receivers and demonstrate the operation of the acoustic system GPS for the ocean.”

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