Scientists: climate change could lead to the extinction of mankind

Climate change under the worst scenarios can lead to the extinction of the world’s population. This was reported by scientists from the United States, Germany and China in an article for the publication of the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

The authors of the publication believe that humanity pays little attention to the “worst-case scenarios” of climate change. This problem can reach catastrophic proportions, scientists are sure.

The article says that over the past 30 years, an increase in greenhouse gas emissions in the world has been recorded. Not the most negative forecasts suggest that by the end of the century the average temperature on Earth may increase by 2.1-3.9 degrees. At the same time, by 2070, areas with extreme heat, where the average annual temperature exceeds 29 degrees, may expand so that they will be two billion people.

According to the researchers, the climate crisis could trigger a “risk cascade” that would cause a gradual increase in problems of various kinds. So, for example, heat and degradation of territories can cause unrest in society.

“There is ample evidence that climate change could be catastrophic. We could enter such endgames even with modest levels of warming,” the scientists concluded.

Earlier, Aleksey Turkeev, a researcher at the Laboratory for Climate Change and the Environment, said that polar explorers had recorded an anomalous Australian heat wave in Antarctica.

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