Scientists clone a mammoth

Scientists at Harvard University use the DNA of a Siberian mammoth, whose body was stored for 42,000 years in ice of permafrost.

The group of researchers is going to publish articles about the course of the experiment in the coming weeks. Professor George Church says: “We have been working with the gene material of mammoths for a long time, we have already restored dozens of genes and are testing them on the cells of Asian elephants. At the moment we are focused on creating a hybrid. ”

The ambitious plan of scientists is to grow a creature in an artificial womb, without the help of a surrogate mother elephant. Researchers use the genetic method of CRISPR-Cas9, which allows “cutting and inserting” links into DNA strands with high accuracy.

Scientists have already managed to identify such characteristic features as long hair, small ears, thick fat layer and blood composition, resistant to low temperatures. Actually, the result of the experiment for two years is to become an elephant with a lot of mammoth features. If this happens, the hybrid beast could become a real inhabitant of the Arctic latitudes and help restore the Arctic climate.

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