Scientists: coronavirus brings old age closer

People who have had coronavirus can age prematurely. This is the conclusion reached by a group of doctors from the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University.

They examined patients who had moderate to mild covid. 70 percent of them had pathologies of some internal organs, mainly fatty hepatosis and fatty degenerations of the pancreatic tissue. Usually, such diagnoses are made at 60 years old, and in those who have had coronavirus – already at 40.

“I would say that the coronavirus brings our old age closer. It takes resources and brings old age closer,” Professor Ancha Baranova told RIA Novosti.

In her opinion, there should be a lot of such studies and the consequences of infection should be more studied.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of COVID-19 infections in the world has exceeded 63.8 million, the number of victims of the virus is almost 1.5 million.

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