Scientists created the self-repairing material “Glutton”

The super-hero Rosomakha from a popular series of comic books “People Ickx” not only has the remarkable force and a number of the useful abilities. Still it can restore injuries of the body — any wounds on it quickly heal, and it at once comes to good physical shape. This character inspired the scientists who developed the new elastic and self-repairing material. On assurances of inventors, it perfectly will be suitable for creation of simulated muscles for robots.

It was very difficult to create material with such properties, many tried to make something similar for many years, but only at us, at last, it turned out to make it. Now we started researches of our development. We think, as if to improve technology and to apply it for the good of mankind — Chao Wang, the big fan Rosomakhi and the employee of the University of California of Riverside told.

He explained that interest in the character from the comic book inspired him and urged on interest in the self-repairing materials therefore it together with team of specialists of university researched natural and simulated materials whose properties could be the useful in their hard business.

To force to be reestablished broken communication it was quite difficult, almost all polymers “begin to live”, forming at the same time the covalent bindings which will not last long if it is constant to expose them electricity — tells — therefore Chao Wang used ion-dipole reactions to solve a problem. In the material created by his team new communications in the defective place are formed thanks to interaction of ions and molecules with the strong electrical dipole moment.

The weak rubber-like material which very easily and cheap to do became the end result of work. Besides, it can stretch to fifty times in comparison with the tentative length. And if to scissor it, all in days and at ambient temperature it will grow together back, without having lost at the same time the opportunities. This elastic material is capable to install electrical equipment. Exactly thanks to it it can also back stick together.

Creators of material offer a set of options of its use. To them it sees each other good replacement of routine rubber in muscles of robots, besides, developers consider that it will find application and in other electronics engineering, medicine including in a prosthetic repair.

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