Scientists explained the origin of the smell of the sea, and why is it so important for the planet

The group of scientific experts from the state of Oregon was able to explain the origin of sea smell, and the importance it carries for the Earth as a whole. Scientists believe that the microorganisms that produce this smell, can help prevent global warming on the planet.

A group of seismologists from the state of Oregon was finally able to explain where and how it formed a kind of sea smell. It turns out that the cause of this smell is special microorganisms that live in the sea air and water. The smell of the sea in the scientific world is considered to be a compound called dimethyl sulfide or DMS. Its oxidation in the atmosphere, according to some experts, leads to the formation of clouds.

As you know, clouds are a kind of protection of the earth’s surface from direct sunlight. Scientists came to the conclusion that at this stage need to learn how to artificially create clouds that will reduce the heat of the planet’s surface, and thus to prevent global warming on Earth.

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