Scientists found a way to solve a hunger problem on the planet

Researchers from university of Illinois found a way to stimulate process of a photosynthesis at plants that will allow to increase many times their productivity, and, finally, will allow to solve forever a hunger problem on the planet.

Genetic modification allowed to increase productivity of the experimental cultures by 15−20%, however scientists believe that this indicator can be brought also to 50%. First of all, works are conducted with seeds of rice, wheat and beans. This method can change system of agricultural production worldwide, but the main thing — will allow to finish forever hunger, authors of a research are sure.

According to forecasts of the UN, by 2050 the population on the planet will exceed 9 billion people, and it will need 70% more food, than people consume now. Already now in the poorest countries people spend all the income for livelihood, and over the years this situation will only worsen, authors of a research claim. If not to look for new approaches to a solution, in 30 years hunger will stop being a problem of Third World countries and will turn into the world phenomenon, they assure.

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