Scientists found off the coast of California a mysterious creature

Off the coast of California by a group of oceanographers have discovered a mysterious creature that looks like a glowing spring. Data about a similar creature that last appeared over 100 years ago.

Strange creature discovered by accident, it clung to the submersible, and with it rose to the surface. Seeing the strange inhabitant of the ocean, scientists could not believe their eyes and luck, it was alive and had not received any damage during the ascent.

However alive it was not long pleased with the catch, the scientists then dissected the creature and froze it, which would deliver at the Smithsonian Museum.






Scientists suggest that this Bathochordaeus charon, a mysterious form of appendicularia mentioned in the scientific works of more than a century ago. Appendicularia like little tadpoles, and their sizes do not exceed several millimeters. They live in soft shells, through which pass the sea water, feeding on plankton and other edible additives.

First about the strange creature in 1899, reported by the German biologist Carl Chun, which is in the process of studying the flora and fauna of the South Atlantic, discovered an unusually large appendicularia. Her odd appearance led Jung to the conclusion that this is a very rare deep-sea organism. Jung called being Bathochordaeus charon, after Charon, the character from Greek mythology who transported the souls of the dead across the river Styx.

Since then, no one has ever been able to catch or even seen this mysterious creature. In the scientific community Chung was even accused of hoaxes and erroneous reports about a new creature. It now appears that Chung was telling the truth, and now the DNA examination revealed that randomly caught being refers to Bathochordaeus charon.

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