Scientists from Australia have created a special substance that prevent the formation of scars

Scientists from the University of Western Australia (The University of Western Australia) have developed a substance on the basis of several biological molecules, which will prevent the formation of scars even in case of very deep wounds and cuts.

The basis for the development formed the study of mechanisms of work for the study of inhibitors lysiloxidase and its enzymes. For anybody not a secret that minor injuries — scratches, bruises and shallow cuts — the structure of the skin regenerates almost completely. This happens because under these types of injuries are not damaged deeper layers of the epidermis to restore deficient conventional mechanisms of healing. The deep layers are rich in collagen fibers, for “stitching” which required a lysyl oxidase and enzymes. These substances accelerate the wound healing process, during which in a relatively short period of time formed a strong, but not very aesthetic fabric with good protective properties. About the aesthetic side of the issue to the extreme for the body situation of our cells, of course, is not “thinking”.

But thinking about it scientists from Australia: the project author Swaminathan jer with his colleagues has developed a nitrogen-based inhibitor, that is, compounds that block the activity of lysyloxidase. Thus, when using the inhibitor at the stage of wound healing is scar tissue formed skin with normal structure, although in the healing process and goes a few more times. At the moment, the creators of the new connection cooperate with the company pharmaxis Ltd, conducting clinical trials and developing a unique drug. Was already successfully performed in vitro (roughly speaking, in vitro) in human fibroblasts and in the near future and experiments on pigs and mice. At successful coincidence of circumstances to create a new drug that can become a new word in cosmetology, can take no more than 2-3 years.

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