Scientists have brought statistics of deadly selfies

The international group of scientists came to a conclusion that the majority of the cases of death connected with a selfie occurs in India, and fall from height is the main reason.

Selfie — a kind of a self-portrait in case of which the person depicts himself by means of the camera (more often on an outstretched arm). The phenomenon gained distribution with the advent of the built-in digital camera in mobile devices and is closely connected with growth of popularity of social networks. At the same time in attempts to make an effective picture some users endanger themselves, for example being photographed at big height or in extreme conditions that leads to injuries or death.

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and the Indian research organizations analysed news notes in which it was reported about death cases during a selfie. Death which are directly connected with shooting process and which could be avoided in its absence were accepted to such cases. For increase in reliability the analysis joined only Internet editions which enter the first 5 thousand in the world ranking of Alexa analyst company or in the first thousand for the certain country.

Results showed that the first message on such death dates March, 2014. Since then 127 cases of death were fixed during selfies, more than a half (76) from which came in India. The following three places on number of incidents were taken by Pakistan (nine cases), the USA (eight cases) and Russia (six cases). More often (75,5 percent of cases) during a selfie men and aged people up to 24 years perished. In 16 cases the number of the dead was constituted by two persons, in five — three, in one — five and in two — seven people.

Fall from height became the most frequent cause of death connected with a selfie. It is followed by drowning, fall from height with drowning, hit under the train, careless handling of weapon, road accidents, blow by current and attack of animals. Incidents on the railroad were more characteristic of India, with weapon — of Russia and the USA.

Scientists also developed an algorithm which allows to estimate the pictures integrated to risk of getting injured or death. For its training authors used over three thousand selfies loaded into Twitter. After the trainings the accuracy of recognition of potentially dangerous situations constituted 73 percent. The algorithm can form the basis of a new mobile application which will warn the user about risk at which that itself(himself) puts.

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