Scientists have confirmed an invariance of fundamental force of nature

Astronomers with high precision measured action of fundamental force of nature in the galaxy located at distance over eight billion light years from us.

Researchers from Technological university in Svinburna, Australia, and the Cambridge university, the USA, confirmed that electromagnetism in a far galaxy has the same force, as on Earth.

Scientists observed a quasar – a supermassive black hole with very bright environment – located behind this galaxy. On the way to Earth the part of the world, going from this quasar, was absorbed by the gas which is in the galaxy located at distance about 8 light years from Earth therefore in a range there were so-called strips of absorption representing not that other as the “shadows” cast by gas of the galaxy lying in the foreground.

“Nature and width of these strips of absorption allowed us to find out the size of electromagnetic forces in this galaxy and taking into account that this quasar is one of the brightest quasars known to science, we could perform the most exact measurements of size of electromagnetic forces today”, – the chief author of a research Srdjan Kotus (Srđan Kotu š) from Technological university in Svinburna told. – We found out that the size of electromagnetic forces in this far galaxy can differ from that on the Earth’s surface no more than on one million share that is comparable with the relation of diameter of a human hair (about 100 micrometers) to the size of the football field (about 100 meters)”.

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