Scientists have created a “death calculator”

Scientists from the University of East Anglia have developed an application that allows you to find out at what age a person will die, writes The Sun.

To create a “calculator” experts used data on the health status of more than 100 thousand people over 60 years old. Their vital signs were monitored every six months. Based on the information received, the experts formed 648 “risk profiles”, which formed the basis of the application.

“Calculator” uses indicators such as gender, current age, body mass index, the presence of bad habits and chronic diseases. There are also less obvious factors: blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, place of residence, and even race.

“This (appendix. – Ed. Note) will help people think about how to increase life expectancy,” – quoted by the publication of the head of the application development group Elena Kulinskaya.

The creators of the “death calculator” note that it calculates the average parameters of life expectancy, without focusing on many individual characteristics. They stressed that the main purpose of the app is to give the user “food for thought” about their health.

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