Scientists have created a model of the time machine

“People consider traveling in time a kind of fiction. But mathematically this is quite possible, “says David Tsang, an astrophysicist at the University of Maryland.

According to these scientists, their model is a certain object, for example, a capsule with passengers inside, which moves along a circular trajectory passing through space-time.

Their mathematical calculations are based on Einstein’s theory of the existence of so-called wormholes (another name is the “wormhole”) – some closed space-time continua. The very existence of wormholes is not proven, but the scientists mentioned believe that if you move through such continua, you can travel to the future and the past.

The scientists proposed a mathematical model of a time machine, called TARDIS, according to which the time machine traveled along a closed curve with constant acceleration.

“Inside” the time machine “the observer (in the figure it’s the person A) will see that for observer B moves first to the future, and then to the past. Outside the “machine”, Observer B will see that two versions of the “machine” with observer A come out from the same point, and the hands on the clock of one will move clockwise, and the other will be against, “explained the concept of the scientists .

Tippet and Tsang say that the mathematical part is ready, and “the problem is that we actually do not have suitable materials for building a car.”

“We need materials, which we call exotic – to bend space-time and close it. We do not yet know such materials, science still has to find them, “Tippet said.

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