Scientists have created a tablet-thermometer

All of us have long been accustomed to the fact that we are surrounded by more and more diverse electronic gadgets. Some so-called “smart” devices have extremely dubious functions, while others, on the contrary, improve the quality of people’s lives and even save lives. For example, according to The Daily Mail, a group of scientists from France managed to create a thermometer in the form of a pill that can help diagnose extremely dangerous conditions.

The invention belongs to the French company BodyCap and is called e-Celsius. The system is a wireless device, in size and shape resembling a regular pill-capsule. Such a thermometer is able to stay inside the human body for up to three days, during which every 30 seconds using wireless communication standards a special application will send information about the patient’s body temperature. The thermometer tablet is able to record very clearly the temperature fluctuations in the range from 25 to 45 degrees Celsius. In addition, the device can be programmed to a certain “temperature threshold”, when it reaches an alarm message.


Appearance of the thermometer tablet

Clinical tests of the device revealed that the new device shows the correct temperature much more accurately than the existing methods of measurement. At first glance, it may seem that such a “smart tablet” is nothing more than a regular toy, but this is far from being the case. The fact is that such a high-precision thermometer constantly monitoring the state of health is an extremely necessary thing for people with a high risk of developing infections due to weakened immunity. These include, for example, elderly people, patients after organ transplantation, as well as those who have diseases related to immunodeficiency, oncopathology and many others. With the slightest change in temperature due to the onset of the disease, these patients can be treated before the first symptoms are manifested. Moreover, such an approach can save a lot of time and money, and for temperature fluctuations with the help of the device it is possible to monitor both in the hospital and at home. Estimated cost will be from 35 to 52 euros.

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