Scientists have created an electric balaclava

The international group of scientists created a balaclava which is capable to heat the inhaled air by means of an electric current.

Balaclava represents a mask with holes for eyes and sometimes a nose. Its basic function in the civil sphere is protection against a head wind and cold air. At the same time materials of which balaclavas are made (fleece, a vindstoper) can only delay heat and lead out moisture, but not heat the inhaled air. Therefore in case of sports activities in the winter traditional balaclavas reduce risk of development of different diseases, for example bronchitis and tracheitis, slightly.

As an alternative scientists from Germany and Great Britain created a balaclava with a heating element from electroconductive threads which is located in a nose and a mouth. During operation the recharged solar battery on a nape gives a weak current therefore threads heat up to 40 degrees Celsius on an element. At the same time temperature of the inhaled air doesn’t deliver to the user of discomfort. The main part of a balaclava is sewed from a compound of lycra and wool and allows machine wash.

The prototype of a new balaclava was presented at the Outdoor Industry Awards exhibition where received one of the principal awards. According to scientists, in the future “smart” fabrics can increase the standard of living of people considerably. In particular, special textiles will help to reduce risk of overcooling of an organism or respiratory diseases in case of sports activities. It is marked that light-reflective bands are also applied on a product — it will increase safety of athletes during the trainings in night-time.

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