Scientists have created “cap of darkness”

Specialists of Nanyansky technological university created technology which will allow to hide a part of an object. At the same time other its part will remain visible.

From the fairy tale – in life

The team under the direction of Zhang Bayle conducts project development more than three years. The device uses effect of mirrors to clean a part of an object from area of visibility.

The device allows to do objects invisible to a human eye. So far it works only in one plane, but is already capable to hide small objects, for example animals.

Байлэ emphasizes that it is about the device, however doesn’t disclose technologies of its work. Scientists set rather ambitious task for themselves, and aren’t going to stop.

It will be possible to use the device for needs of military departments. After completion the device will be able to make the soldier imperceptible for the opponent in the battlefield. Moreover: specialists intend to mask objects by means of the new device not only from human sight and optics, but also from thermal imagers.

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