Scientists have created material 10 times stronger than steel

The team of researchers from the Massachusetts TI has developed new material, heavy-duty and extralight on the properties. Such effect managed to be reached by compression of flakes of a decanter. New substance has spongy structure with a 5% density and exceeds steel durability ten times.

The decanter is considered one of the strongest two-dimensional materials on the properties, but until now researchers grappled with a transferring problem these properties on three-dimensional structures. New researches have shown that a fundamental factor of durability for new material is his non-standard three-dimensional configuration. The MTI team has carried out the detailed analysis, including atomic structure of substance owing to what it was succeeded to recreate necessary almost ideal model.

Two-dimensional materials have not only the high durability, but also unique electroconductive properties, however owing to the subtlety can’t be used, for example, in construction of buildings or creation of electrodevices of the big sizes. However physicists managed to achieve compression of small flakes of a decanter by means of heating and big pressure. The stable and rather strong structure externally similar to corals or microscopic seaweed of a diatom which secret of durability consists in the huge area with evenly distributed loading was as a result formed.

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