Scientists have created the most wear-resistant material

A team of scientists from Sandia National Laboratories has created a new alloy that has become the most wear-resistant material ever created by man.

Their work is published in the journal Advanced Materials. To create this alloy, scientists combined the rarest metals on Earth – gold and platinum. According to the researchers, the new material is so strong that it is possible to go around the earth’s equator, whose length is 40,075 kilometers, five hundred times on its automobile tires.

To prove the exceptional properties of the alloy, scientists have investigated it at the atomic level. They also told that during the tests the new alloy formed on its surface a black film that turned out to be diamond-like carbon, one of the most effective artificial industrial lubricants. This property they consider the most valuable in this material.

“We believe that stability and our own resistance to wear allow carbon-based molecules from the environment to bond and collapse during sliding, eventually forming diamond-like carbon, which can be achieved in other ways, but this is very expensive,” said John Curry, lead author of the study.

According to the researchers, this material can be used in various electronic devices. If you apply a thin layer of alloy to moving parts, for example, smartphones, then the life of the device will increase several times, and this, according to researchers, will save the electronics industry up to $ 100 million per year.

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