Scientists have developed a glass that turns water into wine

Scientists from the National University of Singapore have developed Vocktail, a glass that changes the taste and aroma of a drink poured into it, deceiving people’s receptors. Details can be found in MM “17 Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Multimedia Conference.

As soon as the liquid pours out into a special glass, a person can begin to experiment with its color, taste and smell. LEDs change the color of the drink. Stimulating electrodes on the edges of the glass can make the drink sweet, salty or bitter. A special tube in the glass produces gases with various odors, for example, the smell of lime.

So scientists have successfully created a digital lemonade. Virtual drinks make a person think that instead of water he drinks something sweet and tasty, becoming an alternative to caloric carbonated drinks. A special application allows consumers to share their favorite recipes of virtual cocktails with others.

Scientists believe that Vocktail will become an integral part of the evolving virtual reality market, which allows a person to experience any sensations at minimal cost.

Previously, researchers have created a technology that will allow you to visit a concert in Notre Dame, without leaving home.

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