Scientists have discovered the benefits of cocoa

Products containing cocoa are a previously unknown source of vitamin D2, scientists concluded from the Halle-Wittenberg University and the Max Rubner Institute, the corresponding report was published on the EurekAlert! Portal.

The researchers put forward a theory that, after drying the cocoa beans in the sun, they transform the precursors of vitamin D into vitamin D2.

After mass-spectrometric analyzes of various cocoa products, the specialists confirmed their theory, discovering that cocoa is a source of a significant amount of vitamin D2.

At the same time, various cocoa products, according to the authors of the study, have different contents of this important nutrient. So, cocoa butter and dark chocolate have the greatest amount of vitamin, while in white chocolate it is much less.

Vitamins of group D are an indispensable part of the human diet. Their deficiency can increase the risk of respiratory diseases, rickets and osteoporosis.

Earlier, physicians from the University of Loma Linda in the US came to the conclusion that the use of dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa improves immunity and increases brain activity.

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