Scientists have found suicide molecules that can protect against cancer

Scientists of the American Northwestern University in a series of experiments came to the conclusion that some RNA molecules are able to trigger a self-destructive mode in cells. Continuing the research, they came up with how to use this feature of the molecules to fight cancer.

Team leader Marcus Peter explains that multicellular organisms are forced to fight cancer for many millions of years, eventually developing their own defense mechanism. Otherwise, according to Peter, people would simply not live to the present time.

To test his guesses, he took the molecules that killed the cancer cells, and introduced them into the body of mice with ovarian cancer. As a result, the growth of the tumor significantly decreased, and she herself could not resist the destruction and did not develop resistance.

The chain discovered in the human genome is an ancient mechanism that destroys cancer in cells. Scientists believe that a new type of cancer therapy, created on the basis of their research, can be extremely effective, because as a result of the launch of the self-destruction regime, the molecules damage and kill too many components necessary for the tumor to develop.

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