Scientists have found that flips the magnetic poles of the Earth

Swiss and Danish geologists believe that the magnetic poles of the Earth periodically changing places because of the unusual waves in the fluid core of a planet, it rebuilds the magnetic structure.

The direction of the compass needle is not a constant for our planet. Periodically, about once in 450 thousand or a million years, the North and South magnetic pole swap places, traces of what scientists have discovered in the structure of ancient clay and volcanic rock. For example, about 40 thousand years ago, the North needle of a compass would point to the South pole and South to North.

While scientists don’t know why the planet magnetic axis is flipped, how this process occurs and how it affects life on Earth. Part of the geophysicists believe that any such permutation of the poles occur by themselves, as a result of internal processes in the Earth’s core, while others believe that these upheavals cause by external factors, including falling asteroids or large-scale tectonic changes in the upper layers of the mantle and crust.

How to tell Andrey Sheyko of the Geophysical Institute in Zurich (Switzerland) and his colleagues, over the last 20-30 years scientists have come up with dozens of different models describing this process. None of them reflect all the known properties of the Earth’s core, including its viscosity, conductivity and other parameters.

Team Sheiko says that it was unable to solve this problem, assuming that the surface and inside the planet’s core may experience fluctuations, which propagate from the equator of the nucleus to its poles. These Dynamo waves, as they are called scholars, and influence in a special way on liquid metal core, which is the source of the magnetic field of the planet. The vibrations caused by the rotation of the Earth around its axis.

According to scientists from Zurich, there are many scenarios and combinations of rotation speeds of the planet and the rate of mixing of rocks in its core, in which the Earth or a similar celestial body has a variable magnetic field periodically changing the pole locations.

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