Scientists have found the oldest meteorite in history

Scientists estimate the age of the find at 4.56 billion years. Meteorite is almost as old as the solar system itself.

Object NWA 11119, most likely, is a fragment of an ancient protoplanet, which died, barely formed. In its composition quite a lot of tridymite is a very rare mineral on Earth, consisting of silicon oxide. “This mineral is about 30% of the meteorite mass. Previously, we have never faced this before, “say scientists.

An article about the study of the meteorite was published in the journal Nature Communications. Researchers from the University of New Mexico were engaged in the study of the space visitor. They hope that NWA 11119 will help shed light on the formation of planets in the early years of the solar system.

“Now we see fully formed planets, comets and asteroids. But it’s curious to know how they formed, how they grew up, “says Carl Eiji, one of the authors of the study. – This (NWA 11119 – Ed.) Is the missing part of the puzzle that will help to understand the whole process. We see that the volcanic processes worked like blast furnaces, remelting the rock and forming solid bodies. So all the planets were formed. “

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