Scientists have learned how to turn wine into brandy with ultrasound

Spanish scientists have learned very quickly to turn wine into brandy. This process usually takes years, but with ultrasound you can meet in a few days.

Brandy, cherry brandy, Armagnac is all grape brandy and slivovitz and Calvados (and many other) fruit. Any brandy is a product of the distillation of wine or other fermented juice, the special taste of brandy usually gives the time spent in barrels made of special wood. For a tree to give the wine aromatic substances, it may take up to several years. But, how figured out the experts of the University of Cádiz, the process of extraction of aromatics from wood can be accelerated by using ultrasound.

In the experiment, the researchers passed grape alcohol through the oak chips under pressure and further stimulated the extraction of ultrasonic waves aimed at the tree. After three days they did drink, according to estimates by ‘experts reminiscent of good brandy. A detailed description of the experiment will be published in the journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, while briefly about it reports the blog D-Brief on the website Discover.

However, despite the fact that according to the organoleptic characteristics of the product enhanced by ultrasound exposure was similar to tolerable brandy or cognac, and sell it under this name no one is going. The European laws define brandy as a beverage obtained by aging in wooden barrels, and nothing else. Therefore, if the “ultrasonic” drinks will be on store shelves and drinking establishments, they are called differently.

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