Scientists have named the main danger of perfume

Perfume products can cause migraines, as well as allergic reactions. The results of studies on the effects of aromas on humans are given in a new book by Australian writer Kate Grenville Case Against Fragrance. This is reported by The Independent.

According to Greenwell, experts have shown that about a third of people are sensitive to perfume fragrances, which is manifested in the appearance of headaches, asthma and rashes.

The results of another study, conducted by scientists from the Federal University of Pernambuco in Brazil, indicate that about 70 percent of patients with migraine begin to complain of a headache after 25 minutes of exposure to volatile substances. In this case, perfume, toilet water and deodorants caused deterioration of well-being in 75 percent of cases.

As the writer notes, many components of perfume are synthetic substances, and these ingredients are a trade secret, as a result of allergy sufferers can not predict what product can cause them hypersensitivity reaction. In addition, natural essential oils, which are the basis of many flavors, can have a toxic effect, manifested in lesions of the liver and other organs.

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