Scientists have named the main weapon of the XXI century

The new superweapon of the XXI century will not be atomic or thermonuclear bombs, but self-learning artificial intelligence systems, which are already being developed by the world’s leading powers. This French futurist Jean-Christophe Bonn said at a press conference in Kaspersky Lab, dedicated to the festival Kaspersky Geek Picnic.

“Nelson Mandela wrote in 1995 that the main weapon of the 21st century will be education that will replace nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction of the 20th century .In fact, it seems to me that they will become artificial intelligence systems – for their work, in contrast From an atomic bomb, neither uranium, nor plants, nor other hard-to-reach things, but only silicon and electricity are needed, “the French researcher said.

As the scientist notes, the very fact of creation or development of artificial intelligence systems can not be traced as the IAEA and other nuclear departments trace traces of uranium, plutonium or other radionuclides next to secret objects in North Korea or Iran. Therefore, the appearance of such a “superweapon” will be extremely difficult or even impossible to predict.

“Politicians and representatives of the security agencies of France, Israel and many other countries deny that they are developing similar systems for conducting cyberwar warfare, whether we really can not verify this, but I think that these developments are under way, The main strategic task for most leading powers, “the scientist continues.

If this weapon is created, why is it not used yet? As Anton Shingarev, vice president of Kaspersky Lab, explained, NATO countries consider cyber attacks as equivalent to physical attacks and reserve the right to respond to such a threat in any way.

In addition, cyber weapons will make vulnerable and attacking side, as modern industrial and military facilities use approximately the same equipment, operating according to similar principles and connected to the same global network. Accordingly, the victim of cyberattacking can study, than it was attacked, and respond in a similar way, and this makes such attacks at the state level meaningless.

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