Scientists have put forward a new version of the purpose of the mysterious petroglyphs in the Qatar desert

Archaeologists Francis Gilspi and Faisal Abdullah al-Naimi suggested that the mysterious petroglyphs from Al-Yassasiyah in Qatar could be used as a depiction of the path to the afterlife. Reported by CNN.

More than 900 rock carvings have been discovered in Qatar since 1957.

“On some petroglyphs depicting boats, the oars are not parallel, as in rowing, but are directed in different directions. This is what they would look like when the boats were anchored on the pearl shores and the oars were left in place for divers to cling to and rest every time they ascended. In the myths of ancient peoples such as the Babylonians, Assyrians and Greeks, boats were an important mystical object that transported a person to the afterlife, ”said Gilspy.

It is clarified that no one knows for sure when the mysterious petroglyphs were made, although a controversial study came out ten years ago, in which it was assumed that images on stones appeared in the late Middle Ages.

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