Scientists have recorded a corn voice

The American scientists wrote down sounds which are made by the growing corn stalk. Why to listen to corn? To keep a harvest on fields of Iowa and Illinois.

The worst that can happen on the corn field is a hurricane. Strong wind breaks fragile high stalks of plants, and the harvest appears on the earth. In such cases farmers say that corn was beaten down.

To fight against drowning of corn, botanists and engineers decided to study in depth as the stalk grows. For this purpose they established piezoelectric contact microphones and wrote down sounds which are made by the growing stalk. On sounds it is possible to establish at what moment there is a deformation. Use the same method for “listening” of buildings when it is necessary to determine where whether is in a crack design.

When the corn stalk breaks, it makes the sounds reminding a sound of the preparing popcorn but only very silent, scientists told. “Now we think that with a growth of plants there are millions of micro gaps which start the mechanism of “repair” of damages at a plant. By means of fixed gaps and their correction the plant can grow above and above” — the head of research group Douglas Cook explains.

Knowledge of that, microgaps are how exactly formed, will help selectors to remove corn, steady against drowning. The following step — computer and magnetic and resonant tomograms of corn which will allow to simulate growth of a stalk.

The USA — the leading global manufacturer of corn. The most part of biomass goes for production of ethyl alcohol and its derivatives, and also forages for animals; about 11% of corn are used for production of sweeteners. On popcorn, tinned and fresh corn for consumption by people less than 1% of all made corn leave.

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