Scientists have recorded a low activity of the northern lights

Scientists from the Norwegian Space Agency recorded a low activity of the northern lights, and said that the past season was weaker in activity than the previous ones.

The Sun, whose activity cycle is approximately 11 years, directly affects the amount, intensity and colors of the northern lights. Now the Sun is in the phase when there are fewer solar storms, and the intensity of the northern lights depends on this. Last time, the maximum solar activity occurred in 2013, now we are approaching a minimum.

It is expected that next season the intensity of the northern lights will be even weaker. But after 3-4 years it will increase again, and there will be a huge amount of northern lights. But in the near future, hunting for this phenomenon will become a more difficult task, since it will be seen less often.

Aurora borealis is the glow of the upper atmosphere due to their interaction with the flow of ionized particles from the sun. In spring and autumn, it occurs much more often than in winter and summer, the peak falls on the periods closest to the spring and autumn equinoxes. Northern lights are characteristic of the northern regions of the planet, including it can be observed in Norway, Finland, Russia.

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