Scientists have refuted the popular hypothesis of human origin

An international group of scientists from the Max Planck Institute and the University of Hawaii in Manoa came to the conclusion that the ancient Homo sapiens left Africa several times and mixed with other hominids. New paleontological findings make it necessary to reconsider classical representations within the framework of the hypothesis of the African origin of man, according to which people evolved on the Black Continent and 60 thousand years ago in one wave of migration they settled on the planet. The article is published in the journal Science.

Conclusions were made in the light of new data obtained in the analysis of archaic DNA and ancient fossils of H. sausens found in the territory of South-East Asia. The remains of a man, whose age reaches 70-120 thousand years, were found in South and Central China. The results of recent genetic studies have shown that two percent of the Papua New Guinea aboriginal genome is inherited from ancestors who left Africa earlier than 60,000 years ago.

On the other hand, it is known from the results of the complete decoding of the genomes that all modern non-African human populations separated from the ancestors living on the Black Continent during the late Pleistocene. Scientists believe that this contradiction is due to the fact that even before the main wave of migration, which occurred 60 thousand years ago, people moved from Africa to Eurasia as part of small groups.

Early immigrants mixed with other ancient hominids – Neanderthals, denisovtsami and yet unidentified species. So, the genome of almost all modern non-Africans includes 1-4 percent of Neanderthal DNA, and Melanesians have 5 percent of DNA inherited from the Denisians. According to the latest scientific data, the crossing could begin in the time interval from 40 to about 200 thousand years ago.

According to the authors, the established definition of the hypothesis “man from Africa”, according to which the ancestors of all modern people moved from the Black continent 60 thousand years ago and drove out the indigenous inhabitants of Eurasia, can no longer be considered valid.

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