Scientists have shown the “hand” of a whale, which he inherited from his land-based ancestor

Danish biologists have done a piece of jewelry that has shown that whales once walked on land! However, the research was not without some luck.

Once upon a time, whales walked the earth! It’s hard to believe, but scientists are finding more and more evidence of this fact.

Recently, a beaked whale was thrown onto the coast of Denmark. This animal belongs to the little-studied cetacean family that lives in very deep waters.

The animal was taken by biologists to study the structure of the whale. Professor Mark Schertz and his colleague at the Natural History Museum in Demark opened the whale, revealing the amazing physiology of its fins. Scientists have done jewelry work that showed the brush of an animal with five fingers! Its whale inherited from its ancestor who lived on land and in water 50 million years ago (you can see how it looks here. We warn you that the content may shock you).

The first evidence that whales are descended from land animals was found in Pakistan in 2008. Then scientists analyzed the remains of an extinct animal Indohyus, which turned out to be a link between terrestrial mammals and cetaceans.

As Mark Schertz notes, a huge number of animals have a pentadactyl limb (five fingers), which proves that they had a common ancestor. “When the four-legged animals emerged from the seas, it turned out that the most successful body option was the one with five fingers and toes. The fins have evolved repeatedly, moving further and further from the original pentadactyl limb. However, this whale has preserved it perfectly ”.

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