Scientists have studied the Atakam humanoid

In March 2018, scientists from Stanford published an article in which they claimed that the famous Atakam humanoid, whose mummified body was found in Chile in 2003, is not at all alien aliens, but a real man.

In order to arrive at such conclusions, scientists analyzed the DNA samples taken from the mummy, after which they studied the bones of the “humanoid”. They concluded that Ata, the researchers gave this name to the find – a very premature female fetus. They also claimed that the strange appearance of the mummy, which made it look like an alien, is associated with multiple mutations.

Now, several months after the loud publication, another article appeared, the authors of which do not support the earlier version. Sian Halcrow and her colleagues, who also studied the skeleton, claim that they did not see any impressive anomalies – all the features of the Atakamian humanoid structure reflect the features of a certain stage of embryonic development, and the elongated skull is the result of vaginal births.

The authors admit that they also managed to identify several mutations in the genome, but it is quite obvious that they did not cause such serious malformations.

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