Scientists have successfully extracted water from the air in the desert

Scientists were able to create a device for collecting water from dry desert air. For this they need only heat from the sun. Their invention can change the lives of 2.1 billion people who are experiencing a shortage of clean drinking water. The main advantage of their invention is that it does not require electricity or rain for its operation. Earlier we already reported about an important invention. Finally, he was able to experience.

A group of scientists from the University of California at Berkeley created a device of porous material MOF (organometallic structure), placed in a transparent plastic box. Water vapor from the atmosphere is collected with the help of MOF material as a sponge, after which the water evaporates and is collected in a special tank.

Scientists have tested their device in Scottsdale, Arizona. For a day they collected about 7 ounces of water. This is quite a bit, but scientists argue that their invention is extremely easy to scale.

The MOF material consists of metallic and carbon organic compounds. Its feature in the existence of a large number of tiny pockets with air between molecules of different types. This allows the material to collect condensate and effectively absorb liquid. It is especially effective at night, when the relative humidity increases.

When the sun rises, the heat causes the evaporation of water from the spongy material, but since it is enclosed in a box, the steam collects and becomes water again, entering the reservoir. After that, it can be used for drinking.

Devices for collecting water already exist, but this is the first device that requires so few resources. There is a small problem – this is the high cost of producing MOF, since at the moment the material is produced using expensive zirconium. However, scientists are working on MOF with the use of much cheaper aluminum.

At any time in our atmosphere contains 13 sextilliards of water. Getting an affordable way to use it can solve many of the present and future problems of people.

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